im growin up!!

Yep its 2006! and i actually dont have a boyfriend and dont want and nico just recently broke up after almost 8 months. And through all of this i amazingly found God and u kno wat he is real...mabye more real than you and me! i believe he has major plans for my life...and i will continue to follow him in every way that i can. Jesus is the savior of my soul!
until next time 
*God Bless*


Wow i didnt realize how long i havent wrote in here, well quick update me and Nico have been dating for 3 moths ...i kno how cute and ive met some awesome people and Nicos homecoming is this weekend! Im really excited :)
Well yeah

Well gonna go
Lots of Luv -Britney-

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I really just cant stand the fact that my best friend ally moved away sometimes i feel like i have no one to talk to.....except my friends at church...which i love them so much!!! But i dont im missin my Ally-gator lol...It feels like an eternity till i see her again.

ALLY- I miss u so much and cant wait to see u again, watch we will probally married and pregnant the next time we see each other.....hehe...But i want to let u kno i will never forget about u and u will always be my bffl......LOVE YA SO MUCH<3


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1 Month and its feels so AMAZINGLY....beautiful<3

Uhhhhhh its so awesome because me and Nico have been together for a month today.....I kno it doesnt seem long but it will get to that point( i have a wierd feeling we will last really long.....mabye even foreva..hehe)  He has such a comforting and safe personality like when he hugs me i feel so protected and dont eva want him to let go! I think i really am in love ...I think god is letting me experience the hard times and good of bein in love.....cause i have never felt like this.....its not like my old puppy loves.....It seems so real...and wat i mean by that is its not perfect! We fight just like a married couple and love each other uncondtionally.....and we both love god<3 It so cool that we could have an indepth conversation about our creator god and not feel wierd. Hes such a fantastic person and love everything he is and everything he is gonna be! He has suprised me  eva since we started dating........Hes so much more than i thought he was! All i wanna say is im lookin forward to the future and seeing wat god does with our relationship.....I hope its good but if not i feel so blessed just gettin to kno him.

Love britney<33333
NICO.....I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

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28 days......................

I just finished my 28 day internship program for my church........Let me explain! For the last 28 days i have been giving my life to god non stop reading, non stop preaching, non stop DEVOTION! It has been an amazing changing non the less. But i have learned its time to rise up because we are the next, the happening, and the now generation! ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS: God is cool and StUFf!!!!!
God is awesome you should try him sometime......Im really gonna try to put our promo video on my lj so keep checkin up and i might have it. Well me and Nico have been together for 17 days and im really happy so yeah...
I have to go singing lessons in 20 minutes.... lots of love britney
I love nico

My Mind changes to much.............

Mabye that girl who sent me that comment is right mabye i complain to much or that i jump from likin one guy to the next. But mabye its cause i think im in love but im really not and mabye i never really have been. And my friend from church was talkin to me and she was like ever since u started talkin to Nate i saw you fallin away from god......and i kinda just blew it off and then it made me realize "What am i doing"....this is not me im tryin to be some girl i never was to impress a stupid guy. I had to pretend like i didnt like god.....and that i was still into things my old life pursued!!! and im not that person anymore ive changed and then wat do u kno as soon as i told myself i couldnt like Nate anymore....that wed. i kid from church asked me out and now we have together for 2 days and his name is Nico! I just wanna pray for our relationship that we grow to trust each other and learn about god together.........
Im goin to rent some movies so ill write later
Love Britney
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You cant put me down.....

Someone sent me a  really mean comment you can check it out on my last entry if u want...Uhhh people like that really upset me, whateva i dont kno them and they probally dont know me..... all i have to say is there is a god and i am in love with Nate and only Nate for now and always........<33333
But yeah ive been in daytona since friday and just got back yesterday its was fun we stayed in a resort on the beach and then went to the pepsi 400!!! I love nascar!  Then tonight i start my internship thing again at church...jus in case u wanna kno its a 28 day program and all u do is learn about god.....its awesome but really intense!
Well im gonna go byez


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When eva ur not looking u FIND!

Its Kinda wierd because now that im not really looking for a boyfriend or really not wanting one at all the seem to be finding me. Like my ex Nate his is finally coming back to me and absolutely the whole world knows that i love  Nate, because i ko him better than any girl in the whole world and he knos be better than any other guy. Well he wants to take me out to dinner and he drives now so that rocks....but im kinda thinkin about givin him another chance! then there is phil and  then this kid shane....UHHHHH idk wat to do...Please God help me<333

WEll gonna go love lots Britney

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We belong Together

Wow its only 6 days till my summer internshiip thing starts for my church, and im really excited it seemed to come so quickly! But wow today i went to church and sometimes its so hard to be a girl and think u are not pretty, Okay to tell you where this story begins there is this guy at my church named Phil and when i first started going to this church i liked him alot and he turned me down but lately i feel like he is starting to like me for real. I mean i will be talking to somebody or doin something and i will just notice his eyes are staring at me and if i look he smiles. but i love lookin into his eyes but then again i feel like hes my best friend and like i could tell him anything not as a guy i would make out with, not that i have eva done that **wink wink** !!! lol But i dont kno im prayin about it and all i kno is he is a great christian friend and if thats all im so fine wit that. Well i gotta babysit tonight and i also wanna say Wholly i missed u at church and i love u bunches ur tha greatest!!!<3333 "Hippobone" giggles 
Well tootles guys